Snoring therapy

Are you sleeping well or still snoring?

Quality sleep is essential for the regeneration of body and soul, and is thus as vital as breathing, eating and drinking. In recent years, sleep medicine has developed into an interdisciplinary field. New computer-controlled diagnostic methods can also be applied at home, worn at night.

During sleep, muscles relax, the lower jaw falls backwards, along with the tongue. The airways are obstructed, the soft tissues vibrate – you snore.
Even worse: should the relaxed tongue obstruct the airways, one can temporarily stop breathing. These dangerous breathing interruptions have a serious impact on continuous positive airway pressure. This is termed obstructive sleep apnea. Nowadays, portable oral devices can surveil the frequency of breathing cessation and low blood oxygen levels.

The simple solution to a good night’s sleep: An oral appliance

Treatment starts where the problem lies – in the mouth – oral appliance therapy uses custom-fit snore and mouthguards. These appliances advance the lower jaw forward to tighten muscles in the throat and keep the upper airway open – thus supporting healthy respiration, free of snores and breathing interruptions. Sufficient oxygen is supplied to the lungs and to the blood. Our surgery has been successfully applying this treatment since 2008.

Quality sleep thanks to dental devices!

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