Invisible treatment 09

Our surgery has been working with the Aligner therapy since 2001. Aligners are thin, transparent mouthguards, which can be worn or removed at your own discretion.
The aligners are virtually undetectable whilst speaking and laughing, and can be removed at mealtimes. A whole series of computer-produced aligners are generated, as the aligners themselves are only capable of a fraction of a millimetre tooth movement - a part of an ongoing process.
Each aligner is worn for two weeks and is then replaced by its successor, thus gently moving the teeth towards the final position.
The treatment duration is usually somewhat longer, although the average costs are comparable to conventional braces.
Aligners are suitable for mild dental cases, and are an ideal solution for a good proportion of adult treatments.
This technique is not suitable for children with primary teeth. Please note that this treatment is not covered by statuary health insurance - this is an orthodontic treatment for private patients only.
Lingual braces provide an alternative solution: The brackets are fixed behind the teeth and are virtually invisible.
Lingual technique
Incognito braces are the ideal solution for patients requiring a perfectly hidden correction of their teeth.
This system involves a fixed brace on the inside of the teeth, making it a near-invisible solution. Incognito braces allow teeth correction that others will not notice.
Whatever your age we have a solution!
Lingual braces are complex but practically invisible to other people. This system uses a fixed appliance that is fitted to the inside of the teeth.
This treatment is more suitable for more intricate cases in an acceptable period of time. Our years of experience in this treatment enables us to ensure excellent results.