Comfort and aesthetics 06

Braces with ceramic brackets
We offer all types of cosmetic treatment. The best solution for discerning patients are braces with tooth-coloured ceramic brackets.
The combination of translucent ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured arch-wires are barely visible.
Bioenergetic turbo braces
Our innovative brace system is gentle and self-ligating.
This special high-tech. brace design consists of a slide mechanism, making teeth adjust more freely, more comfortably, with less pressure and therefore working more effectively.
Arch-wires with memory application
These appliances correct teeth more quickly and comfortably.
The results are even teeth and an enhanced facial profile.
Mini titanium brackets
are biocompatible in combination with nickel-free arch-wires, and are eminently suited for patients with allergies.
Invisalign    /   In-Line
This revolutionary system allows a brace-free treatment.
The Align technique is suitable for mild to moderate orthodontic cases. A series of ultra-thin, transparent foils (aligners) are practically invisible and do not impede speech. The aligners must be worn constantly and should only be taken out at mealtimes and for dental care.
This treatment is suitable for adults and youngsters from mid-teens onwards. 
Our surgery was one of the first to use this american system in Germany. With many years of experience, we consider ourselves experts in this field.
Lingual technique
Incognito braces are the ideal solution for patients requiring a perfectly hidden correction of their teeth.
This system involves a fixed brace on the inside of the teeth, making it a near-invisible solution. Incognito braces allow teeth correction that others will not notice.
Whatever your age we have a solution!
Lingual braces are complex but practically invisible to other people. This system uses a fixed appliance that is fitted to the inside of the teeth.
This treatment is more suitable for more intricate cases in an acceptable period of time.
Our years of experience in this treatment enables us to ensure excellent results - even teeth and an enhanced facial profile.