Quality management 03

Our shared vision, which we have developed and use as a daily guideline, focuses exclusively on our patients. We regard our patients as our partners, and constantly strive to be supportive throughout the process of a successful treatment.
Over the years, we have created a pleasant atmosphere to especially make our young patients feel at ease. We are of the opinion that this has been established, and plays a large part in our success. We consider our service as serving people, working towards a positive change in appearance and a confident approach to social life.
We actively attend to the needs of our patients and give them all the advice and practical support required. We thus provide a basis for a successful treatment and create trust in our working methods. Your personal satisfaction is at the heart of our success. We will always strive to be a good partner and guide. Our ever-improving performance is the basis of our quality policy and defines our daily tasks.
Our quality assurance computer system, designed for our working practices, optimises our daily requirements and enables us to continually upgrade our care.
Our quality management system is administrated to a large extent by our team staff and is continuously being optimised and upgraded.