Treatment concept 02

We believe in the best possible treatment all our patients. Our aim is to provide a minimum treatment period and a minimum of inconvenience to your personal and social life - all within a friendly atmosphere. Our central focus is always on the clients and their needs.
Our patients benefit from our up-to-date expertise and our constant participation in further professional qualifications. Medical considerations are paramount to achieving the best aesthetical results. The optimum is the achievement of the best possible harmony of all the components: the teeth, the periodonal apparatus, the musculature, the jaw joints and the spine. Our priority is to satisfy our patients wishes and individual requirements, to offer up-to-date options and to assist in the choice of orthodontic treatment.
Using state-of-the-art materials and the most advanced techniques, enables us to keep treatment gentle and as short as possible. Special emphasis is placed on the initial diagnosis of the muscular and functional state of the periodonal apparatus. This ensures that the end result is aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.
Collaboration between dentist, oral surgeon, where required also with a general practitioner, orthopedic specialist, ENT doctor or neurologist, are an essential part of a successful orthodontic treatment.