Dental Sleep Medicine

Healthy sleep is an important necessity to regulate body and mind, and is as vital to life as food, water and breath.Over the past few years sleep medicine has developed into an interdisciplinary area. New, computerized diagnostic methods can be used at home at night.

Having a good night’s sleep or still snoring?

When we sleep the muscles relax, the lower jaw drops to the back and the tongue slackens with it. This causes the airway to narrow, the soft palate vibrates - and the snoring starts.
However, it can get even worse: the collapsed tongue can completely block the airway, causing breathing to stop temporarily. These episodes of breathing cessation are dangerous, and can seriously affect oxygen supplies. This condition is referred to as Sleep Apnea. Nowadays, portable devices enable nighttime analysis of periods of breathing cessations, and measurement of blood oxygen levels.

The Sleep Mask (CPAP)

In serious cases, treatment is possible through the use of nocturnal Positive Air Pressure. Room air is gently pressurized and pumps a steady stream of oxygen through the respiratory passages. The airway is thus kept free, enabling healthy breathing. This treatment involves an initial visit to a sleep laboratory, and requires the use of a mask and a compressor / pump.

The modern solution: mouth guards for the treatment of sleep apnea

A method of treatment that addresses the problem at it’s origin - in the mouth - with special snore and mouth guards. These devices keep the position of the lower jaw and tongue during sleep, and prevent airway obstruction. This means healthy breathing, no snoring and no intermittent pauses in breathing during sleep. Plenty of air in the lungs ensures sufficient oxygen supplies to the blood. We have been successfully implementing this method of treatment in our surgery since 2008.